6 Simple Steps to Establishing a Routine

Start with Important Childcare Times

Bedtime, nap times, meals, and snacks are important parts of your child’s daily routine and impact how well they eat and sleep. Start with these areas as you build a regular routine for daycare. You can do this in stages if you don’t already have a routine; start with bedtime and nap times, for example, and then add regular meals and snacks.

Work with a See Us Grow Childcare and Learning

Choose a childcare and learning center that maintains a regular schedule in an organized environment. If possible, match your daily home schedule with the daycare schedule for things like meals and napping.

Practice Patience

Your child may have a hard time adjusting to a regular routine at the beginning. Give them time to get accustomed to it.

Add Helpful Elements to a Daycare Routine

If there are particular elements of the routine that your child struggles with, try adding something to help them. For example, include a regular time for reading and snuggling before bed to help them wind down. Or you could include listening to their favorite music on the way to See Us Grow.

Strive for Consistency with Flexibility

Keeping your daycare routine as regular as possible is key, but leave room for flexibility. This is particularly important at special events and around the holidays.

Adjust as needed with childcare in Branford, CT and Wallingford, CT

Pay attention to what’s working and what’s not as you continue with your childcare routine. Remember that the routine is supposed to help your child and family; if something isn’t working, try changing it.

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