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How to choose the best childcare in Branford, CT and Wallingford, CT

Navigating your childcare options in Connecticut can be tricky! Here we have a whole range of different types of childcare from Nannies and Au Pairs through to Childcare Centers such as See Us Grow and this variety of types of care is both a blessing and a curse!

Choosing the right childcare for your family is really important and is certainly not a one-size-fits all, as a result many different types and styles of childcare have developed.

What type of childcare should we choose?

First you will need to decide what kind of childcare you are looking for; whether you’d like someone to look after your children in your home, in their home or in a specialized center. Even if you feel like you’re pretty set on one type of care it can still be helpful to talk to or view a different type; Some families have told us they were sold on having a nanny but then visited one of our childcare centers in Branford or Wallingford on a whim and changed their minds.

Where should we look for childcare?

You will also need to think about the location in which you want to look for childcare; whether that’s close to home or close to work. If you have family living close to home who could collect your child in an emergency then this could be a good option, and will mean that your child misses out on most of the commute, with childcare close to your work means that you can get to your child quickly if needed. With many of us now working from home temporarily, this might be something that needs considering in several ways.

Where do we start?

A google search for childcare is likely to result in lots of different options, and this can be a good place to start. You can look through different providers websites and see which resonate with you and create a shortlist from there.

Another good starting point is recommendations from other parents. So, if you have friends, family or neighbors using childcare then talk to them about it! They can give you an “insiders” perspective on the childcare, and their experience of it. If you’re looking for childcare in Wallingford or Branford then check out some of the testimonials from parents with children at See Us Grow!

Making visits

Coming to visit is the best way to get a ‘feel’ for the place. In normal times visits are common, and although things may be a little different this year, most centers will find a way to make this work in a Covid friendly manner! Our childcare centers in Branford and Wallingford are currently enrolling, so contact us to set up a way for you get a ‘feel’ for our centers.

Asking questions

While most centers will give you lots of information, there should also be a chance for you to ask any questions that you may have. It’s likely that you’ll be given information about fees, contracts, opening hours and what is provided but you can also ask questions about the center’s values and culture, staff qualifications and the types of activities that they provide on a day to day basis. You might also want to know how positive behavior is rewarded and how negative behavior is discouraged, how many staff have completed first aid courses and how you will be kept up to date with your child’s progress. If you’re considering joining us at one of our childcare centers in Branford or Wallingford then browsing our website will give you the answers to some of these questions, and you are very welcome to get in contact with any further questions or inquiries.

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