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Things to do in Fall

Fall Activities for kids

Crisp mornings, crunchy leaves in an array of colors, pumpkin picking and cozy evenings; Fall is a wonderful time of the year and presents important opportunities for children’s development. As children learn about and experience different seasons, they start to understand concepts of time, growth, change and decay, which contribute to their understanding of the world.

Here in Connecticut we have distinct seasons with plenty of rich, sensory experiences available for babies, toddlers and young children. So, layer up and give some of these activities a try!

Fall walks

Spending time outdoors is still important, even as the weather gets colder. Layer kids up with puddle suits and rainboots if needs be and get outside! As you walk you can encourage your child to look at the changing color of leaves, giving them lots of new vocabulary (e.g. the colors of the leaves “red” or “orange” for younger ones, “scarlet” or “crimson” for older ones!) look out for what animals are around and what those animals are doing, and listen to the sounds around them.

Treasure hunts

While you are out on your fall walks why not print out a list of “treasures” your child might find? Think pinecones, sticks, acorns, horse chestnuts, different colored leaves.  Children will love ticking items off their list as well as finding the perfect leaves.

Fall crafts

After collecting all these “treasures” you can encourage your child to use them to make all kinds of crafts; printing with leaves, making leaf rubbings, making sun catchers with all the beautiful colored leaves, making pinecones into animals, collaging fall materials and so on!

Pumpkin picking

Whether you go pumpkin picking to make a Jack’O Lantern for Halloween, make some tasty treats or engage in some sensory play, pumpkin picking itself is a great experience for little kids and makes a lovely family tradition. With plenty of farms offering pumpkin patches in Connecticut, this is also a great way to support local businesses.

Apple picking

Similar to pumpkin picking, it can be a great family activity to go and pick your own apples on a sunny, fall day. The apples can then be used for healthy snack, baking treats or apple bobbing!

Baking treats

Involve your children in making tasty fall treats, perhaps with the fruits or veggies you’ve picked! think caramel apples, pumpkin pie or apple crumble. Children learn so much from baking; following instructions, honing fine motor skills through mixing and whisking, measuring and beginning to understand quantity and of course, tasting the goods at the end!


Please let us know some of your favourite fall activities or family traditions!


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