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Winter safety tips for Connecticut families

“It’s the hap-happiest season of all!” or so the song goes and winter really is a brilliant time for families. With holidays to celebrate and the promise of snow, there are plenty of activities for families to look forward to, but living here in Connecticut we are well aware that winter also poses some challenges with adverse weather conditions, lower temperatures and different expectations and routines. Here are a few ways that you can keep your family safe through the Connecticut winter;

Staying healthy

Every winter we encounter colds, flu and viruses, but this winter is going to be a little harder; of course, we have all the usual winter germs but we are also still in the midst of a pandemic. With Covid-19 in the mix we should be washing our hands, using face coverings and maintaining social distance as well as following all of our state guidelines.


Layer up!  In general, babies and younger children should wear one additional layer than an adult would wear in the same conditions, but remember to consider activity levels when deciding on clothing. For example, a child playing will be mobile and generating body heat whereas a child being pulled in a sled will need to be more bundled up in order to stay warm.


Love it or hate it, snow is a part of Connecticut winter and many people around the world are extremely envious of snowy winters so we should certainly try to make the most of our climate. Kids love sledding during the winter, and it’s a great way to keep active, but accidents can happen quickly when using equipment in the snow so we must ensure that children are adequately supervised at all times.

We should help children to find somewhere safe to sled, this means picking a spot away from busy roads, frozen streams or lakes. Also, try to avoid crowded sledding areas because busier slopes increase the risk of collisions and injuries.

Teach children to only sled down the middle of the hill away from any obstacles, like bushes or rocks, and leave the sides of the hill clear for people to walk up. When you reach the bottom of the hill move away quickly, to get out of the path of others sledding down. Also try to teach children the importance of sledding whilst sitting or kneeling, and avoiding laying down, this can help to reduce the chance of injury to the head, spine or core.

Winter in Connecticut can be great fun and really beautiful. With indoor social gatherings unlikely to go ahead this year, winter is going to be a wonderful time for families to get outside and stay active. So, help to keep your family, and others, safe this winter so that we can all enjoy the holiday season here in Connecticut.

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