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Children are our most precious resources, each one unique and loving.I like teaching because I enjoy being with the children. I provide them with the tools to create and learn, add in lots of love and watch them grow! Teaching is both challenging and rewarding. It gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment that truly touches my heart.

Nancy, 8 years

I enjoy working with children because to teach them and watch them learn and grow

Elaine, 9 years

I love working with children because I love to teach them new things everyday. I love watching them grow into independent children. I like knowing that I have helped them in their younger years build their foundation to succeed in the school years to come.

Pam, 8 years

I enjoy working with children because everything is still new to them and they enjoy learning. When mastering a skill they have been working on and seeing the pride and joy in their faces reminds me everyday why teaching is the most important profession.

Leah, 9 months

I have a daughter of my own and I love teaching! I get so much joy from seeing the kids learn and discover new things

Jenna, 1 month

I love working with children because they are our future.I love having the opportunity to watch them grow and succeed during the most important years of their young lives.

Rebekah, 5 years