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Adorable toddler girl sitting and wearing a pink pajama at a Childcare Serving Branford, Cheshire, Wallingford, CT

Waddler & Toddler | 15 To 33 Months | Serving Branford & Wallingford, CT

A Daily Schedule and Lesson Plans Individualized to Your Child

The toddler years are a wonderful time, when your child first begins to explore the world around them. Your little learner engages in play-based learning experiences, guided by skilled loving teachers, that gently nudge them towards developing:

Impressive Outdoor Play AREA FOR TWICE A DAY FUN

Imagine your child flipping through books in the library, building with blocks, investigating cupboards in the little kitchen, or engaged in a music lesson or dramatic play. They happily investigate the ocean-themed classrooms, from guppies to jellyfish to sea turtles. There’s ample occasion for fresh air too, with structured outdoor playtime twice a day.

Stay Connected to Your Child’s Day-to-Day

Take a minute to check in with your child, and their teacher too, with the ultra-convenient parenting app, Tadpoles©.  You never miss a beat and you’re the first to know about their latest accomplishments. Expect lots of updates with pictures of your child’s big smile, along with videos of all their tasks as they’re hard at play!


" Couldn't ask for better childcare for my little unicorn"
After 4 years, these women are a part of my family. Couldn't ask for better childcare for my little unicorn. The most patient and professional crew around.
Cassandra E.
" His teacher’s and all the staff are amazing with him."

Absolutely love See Us Grow!! My child loves to wake up every morning and go to school. His teacher’s and all the staff are amazing with him. We Could not be happier that we are a part of the See Us Grow Family.

Francine H.
"Everyone is so thoughtful, caring and loving

Love love this daycare everyone is so thoughtful caring loving and these children know it , having my mind at ease everyday know she is safe and loved you can't ask for more.

Lauren F.

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