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Happy National Picnic Month

Grab your picnic basket because any meal can be a picnic with these simple and cute picnic ideas!

Throughout the spring and summer seasons, we eat at least one meal a day outside…sometimes all three! Here are some favorite picnic ideas for you and your little ones.

Teddy Bear Picnic – Invite all the stuffed animals to the living room blanket with picnic basket for what is sure to be a great way to host the best indoor picnic, ever! This cute idea is from Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

Permanent Picnic – We love this idea from Bounceback Parenting to set up a permanent picnic location in the yard. There will be no excuses!

Traveling? Save money on restaurants and have a Picnic at the Hotel with this easy way from Peanut Blossom!

Family Movie Night Picnic – Move the movie outside! Have a picnic of popcorn and pizza with a projector and a sheet for a night of memories and less time cleaning up.

Tailgate in the Trunk of Your Car – A favorite picnic ideas is parking near the near the beach so the kids can watch the waves while we eat summer picnics. 

Have a Picnic Inside a Fort for a great picnic option.

These kid-friendly picnic favorites are here to simplify your summer. Here are 5 simple and kid-friendly lunches

Smoothie in a Bag

We have come to the realization that smoothies are a lot easier to store in the freezer in a stack of zip-top bags. Make a batch in advance, then come picnic time, the kids just mush them around and then pipe them right into their little mouths.

The Pizza Dog

The ingredients of a Pizza Dog are simple: a fresh loaf of your favorite baguette and a few sticks of string cheese. When picnic time comes, let everyone use the string cheese to build themselves a Pizza Dog, or shred the cheese for a more traditional pizza. Then top with any other pizza favorites.

Dip and Roll

This is a favorite for kids to assemble. Pack together a few dip-able snacks along with some peanut butter, cream cheese, hummus or other favorite dips, and of course, a few fun things to sprinkle on top. The toppings are what put this picnic over the top: raisins, sunflower seeds, cheerios, bittersweet chocolate chips, the possibilities are endless.

Pancake Sandwiches

You’ve done breakfast for dinner, try it for a picnic. You can use leftover waffles or pancakes or make some fresh ones! Bring along fruit, nuts, and favorite spreads to let everyone put together a Pancake Sandwich to order.

Muffins and Frozen Fruit

Did you know you can freeze a mandarin right in the peel? We love packing a bag full of these and snacking on them partly-thawed on a hot day. A bag of frozen blueberries or grapes is always a hit, and alongside a few muffins, makes the perfect lunch on-the-go. 

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