How It Can Impact a Child If Their Work Is Displayed or Recognized

How It Can Impact a Child If Their Work Is Displayed or Recognized

It’s always a proud and loving moment when a child draws or paints something and decides to give that piece of artwork to you. As a parent, it’s up to you how you decide to appreciate it, but you can never go wrong with displaying that artwork somewhere in the house.

Shows Them Your Support

By displaying that piece of artwork on your fridge or along the wall, it allows them to recognize that you appreciate and acknowledge that artwork. By hanging it somewhere in your house where everyone can see, such as the kitchen or hallway, demonstrates to your child that you are proud of what they have made. If they have made you a clay sculpture, a painting or hand-painted mug, continue to place it in places that can be seen; such as the mantlepiece in the living room, or by your desk in the office. By keeping these crafts and placing them around your house, or in your office, will continuously remind your children that you love and appreciate them.

Encourages Them

Showing your support and endearment through these actions will allow your children to feel appreciated, recognized and encouraged. This will give them the confidence they need to continue to follow the things they enjoy. The love and pride children feel each time they notice their artwork somewhere in the house, will continuously supply them with the boost of positivity and encouragement they need to grow and strive to do better.

Creates Everlasting Memories

As a young child, these hand-crafted gifts mean so much to you (and them). Holding onto them and eventually putting them in a safe place, will give you both the opportunity to look back at what they made when they’re older. It’s exciting to remember and appreciate how far they’ve come.

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