The Benefits of Day Care for your Child

Sending a child to day care is a big step for most parents but it’s nothing to lose stress over. The truth of the matter is that daycare can be very beneficial for a child and parents alike. See Us Grow Childcare and Learning Center is here to share with you some of the great benefits daycare has to offer.

Here at See Us Grow we will show you how day care will help your child rather than only simply making it easier for you to work.

The following are a few benefits to assure you day care is good for you and your child’s development:

  1. Your child will make friends and learn valuable socialization skills. When parents stay at home with children, the children only learn how to interact one-on-one with them. This is not the best environment for your child to develop social skills because the real world requires a child to function in a world where adaptation is mandatory. Your child will need to learn how to respect and collaborate with people from different walks of life. This necessary education can only develop so much with one-on-one interaction with you. In day care, your child will learn quickly how to be assertive in group settings. Your child will learn how to properly make good friends and socialize. Yes, squabbles may arise but that’s a part of your child learning how to resolve conflicts on their own in a healthy fashion. Socializing and learning to stand up for ones self is a life skill that prepares your child to overcome obstacles and succeed personally, academically and eventually socially.
  2. Day care prepares children for schooling. Enrolling your child in daycare prior to kindergarten, you will have less resistance from your child on the first day of school. Daycare helps children become accustomed to spending most of the day away from beloved parents. This is not a bad thing because your child learns to enjoy time with his or her own friends. This will make your child more eager to come home to you and share his or her day activities and friends with you. This is extremely effective when a child attends day care three or more times a week.
  3. Day care will help your child become a top of the class student. This top student development happens at daycare because children are taught as early as preschool aged children about math, alphabets and other essential fundamentals of education. Since other children are eager to learn, your child becomes eager to learn as well.

Choose us at See Us Grow Childcare and Learning Center today to help your child reap the benefits of day care. Positive change and development is what we are all about.

Our goal is to provide your child with their first steps toward discovering the joy of learning. Our classrooms are inviting, child-centered places filled with hands-on activities that develop academic skills, problem-solving strategies, and concentration.

See Us Grow is committed to offering a nurturing education environment for children aged 0-5 years. Our Branford, CT and Wallingford, CT centers promote an open-ended learning style, and children are encouraged to explore and discover, while a framework is provided to guide children to develop the life skills and knowledge, they need for school readiness and lifelong learning.

We would love to welcome you to the See Us Grow family.

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